Running a downloaded theme on my local machine

I was able to successfully get a Ghost install on my local machine using the tips here:

However, I have another theme I downloaded that I would like to edit on my local machine. I have added the theme to the content/themes folder as it says in the steps, but when I try to get to it, it gives me a 404.

What url path do I use to get to the theme?

Basically, right now, going to http://localhost:2368/ sends me to the casper theme downloaded with the local install.

Going to http://localhost:2368/content/themes/ gives me a 404.

Thank you for your help.


Try http://localhost:2368/ghost/#/settings/design :)

That forwards to: http://localhost:2368/ghost/#/setup/one

Yep, follow the instructions there, and go to the page I linked again. From there, your theme should show up in the theme list. You can activate it there