JAMstack gatsby starter to look more like real casper theme (or how to change the looks at all)

After using the new Gatsby JAMstack starter for a bit, noticed that it wasn’t quite like the default Ghost casper these used with normal ghost install.

Went for a bit of a look and found this project, which seems to be a lot closer to the original theme.

In an ideal world, I’d merge the two or edit the latter to have the functionality of the former. But that’s well beyond me.

So, I was hoping someone might know of (a) some other starters that are as simply to deploy as the TryGhost one (in that I can click to deploy to nelify, and only have to edit a line or two to point it in the right direction) or (b), how to make the TryGhost starter look like the proper Casper theme - or that other tempalte? (broad question/request, I know.)

Hey there! Nice find.

To use Ghost as a source for a Gatsby site, you can use the Ghost source plugin.

You’d need to clone the repository, install the plugin, configure it and then push back to your master. (I hope I got that right).

Alternatively you can use a different CMS to modify the static markdown sites in the Gatsby repo. A popular choice is the Netlify CMS.

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