Can anyone design a exactly same Gatsby starter as casper?

I’m getting started with Ghost since looks awesome! i like it. thank you the team.

i know Ghost+Gatsby+Netlify is more powerful. and i had try the combination. the speed is very fast.

but, i think the ghost official Gastsby starter is not beautiful compare with casper, and even a personal casper starter also not good.

can anyone do a exactly the same starter as casper ?

I’m wondering the same thing as well - the home page is different (especially the publication image), so are the cards, and the header inside posts are completely different as well…

I’ve been digging thru gatsby starter and casper github but I don’t know where to get started…

Hi all! Thanks for using Ghost and taking an interest in our Gatsby starter :rainbow:

The Gatsby Starter we’ve made is designed to be exactly that, a starter for people wanting to build their own Gatsby site with Ghost as a headless CMS. We didn’t want it to match Casper exactly as many people will clone this Starter and begin to style it to their own needs.

That doesn’t mean to say to can’t copy the design of Casper into a Gatsby theme of your own! Looks like there’s a couple of people that have already done just that: