Keeping Emails When Moving From GoDaddy/Wordpress To Ghost

Hi there,

I run a music news blog/site and have been considering moving from Wordpress & GoDaddy (which have given me years of headaches) to Ghost Pro. But I was wondering if anyone knew about what happens to emails - currently I have my domain, hosting, and emails at GoDaddy. But if I switch to Ghost, will I be able to keep the same emails with GoDaddy? I’m wondering what everyone else’s experience has been, if in a similar situation.

(Essentially I’m looking for less headaches, so I can concentrate on content.)

You’re going to need to continue to host your email somewhere. Ghost doesn’t provide email inboxes. So yes, keep them at GoDaddy - that’ll be easiest!

When you move your DNS you’ll make sure to leave your MX records as whatever your current email requires.