Making sure email works after DNS update

I’m planning to switch my blog to Ghost. My current set up is domain is on Godaddy, the site and email address is hosted on Hostgator.

When I switch the domain’s DNS to Ghost, how do I make sure that my email will still work?


This is not a Ghost question. :) How is your email currently handled? You need to check whether you have an MX record. MX records tell computers with email for you where to put it. If you do have an MX record, you need to not change it. If you don’t have an MX record (rare, but it happens) and you DO get email delivered, then it’s currently going to wherever yourdomain.tld’s A (or maybe CNAME) record goes. In that case, you need to create an MX record corresponding to where yourdomain.tld is currently pointed. I suspect Hostgator has some documentation that’ll tell you exactly what it should be. Maybe here?

Any time you change DNS, it’s always a good idea to set the time to live to something short, so that you don’t end up with a day-long cache of a wrong setting, if you goof it up. :) Then you can go back and set it to something longer once you’re sure you’ve got it set up right.

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