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So I’ve found out how the alt text is getting lost:

From my draft I paste an image reference like ![Some image](). At that stage, I don’t have an image yet, so the URL is empty. When I paste that to KG and upload the image, the alt is gone. What’s inconvenient, that I first need to save the post, for the image to get uploaded, then I need to grab its URL from the source, then I need to remove it and re-add it setting the URL.


From my draft I paste an image reference like ![Some image]() … When I paste that to KG and upload the image, the alt is gone

Thanks for digging into that. We are indeed missing the alt handling in our HTML parsing step, I’ll update them so that alt and title attributes don’t get lost.


This is a larger task than it might seem at first. Each markdown card is rendered with it’s own markdown-it instance and has no references to the overall mobiledoc/Koenig renderer or other markdown cards so there’s no way to co-ordinate footnotes across cards. There would need be some form of architecture put in place for handling footnotes within a mobiledoc renderer instance that can be hooked into from disparate renderers used within cards.

TL;DR; don’t expect support any time soon, sorry.

Footnote support in editor

I I pase url of vimeo video to get embeded content:


but get this error
There was an error when parsing the URL.

this looks like unresolved issue.


@diomed thanks for the report! Vimeo is indeed not working due to a bug in the oembed parser library we’re using that also affects Hulu and some other smaller providers. Patches are already submitted and should be included in the next release :smile:

Markdown isn't for all bloggers

How to set code card language in Ghost Editor?


@zce you can’t at the moment, you’ll need to use a markdown block for now if you want to set language on code blocks


Koenig is now out of beta and was released as Ghost 2.0’s editor, thank you for the feedback everyone!

Closing this topic as it’s served it’s purpose. Open a new topic for any editor related questions :smile: