Wtf is happening when I'm just pasting a link?

Hello, here’s a message from a very happy and grateful Ghost user -

Not so very happy about all aspects with the editor, though. Apart from the fact the Koenig editor is buggy and gives less formatting options than the markdown variant, I believe it’s poorly documented and there are unpleasant surprises showing up every now and then.

All of a sudden some direct links to web addresses that are pasted into the editor with a simple cmd-v are rendered in a completely new way. Both in the editor and in the output. Some are rendered the old way, some are not. I have no idea what’s going on. Old post are also affected = messy. The problem is perhaps not so much that this is happening, change is ok, but that it’s happening without warning and documentation.

Example: try pasting a link to a page on reddit.
It renders like this:

Pretty nice, but it’s a surprise and I honestly don’t need surprises.

Some links, like are rendered just as is, a simple link.

Then try pasting this:
For some reason, the entire post from that webpage is rendered. That’s madness, I understand it has to be a bug:

So my issue is: there are surprises and changes and I think they are poorly documented.

…one argument that was given about the new Koenig editor is that the old markdown option still remains. That’s not quite true, as the Koenig-markdown variant has lost bits of its functionality. Old posts written pre-Koenig are broken. It’s no longer possible to simply enter some html tag in the middle of a text and easily change the color of a word. Same goes with centering a word or piece of text. The html tag need breaks around it, and then it becomes a paragraph and…well it’s a mess sometimes.

Upon converting an old blog post to the Koenig variant, I find that all anchor links leading to the post are broken, as Koenig format such links in a different manner. Just an example, very messy.

All these things are very ok, you could call it evolution. The problem is changes in behavior and output don’t seem to be properly documented anywhere. Every time I upgrade Ghost I just have to hope that things won’t break.

In regards to your examples,

The way a link is rendered in your post depends on how a site implements oembed.

  1. Reddit implemented oembed properly. It provides a rich user experience with the related content without forcing the user to leave your site. They provide enough context for your user to digest the content, but not so much as to detract from the experience
  2. MSNBC does not implement oembed in their site, so it’s rendered as a link
  3. Sudhagee does not properly implement oembed. Rather than providing a contextual summary of their content, the entire post is rendered. This is either a conscious choice by the author, or WP JetPack doing something weird

Koeing provides a markdown-like experience. If you want pure markdown, you should use a markdown card, since it’s explicitly designed to render markdown

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