Latest posts page - Headline

I have a problem with latest posts page.
When I go to latest from homepage I’m landing on
There is no pagination - there are rendered all my posts (400+ right now) so it’s very heavy page because it’s downloading all thumbnails of posts.

Is there an option to totally disable this page?
Or how to add pagination like on tags page?

Im using headline template.

I think you’re right. This page used to lazy load / paginate after a number of posts had been seen.
Might be worth asking a mod to move this to the bugs forum

Do you know who is a mod here?

Is there any chance for fix?

I just updated Headline on my site (I upload it myself because of a change I made) and it seems to be full of bugs/not-well-thought-out updates. I’m reverting to an old version, DM me if you want a copy of it!

Sure! Maybe it will help.

I made a lot of changes in this theme and it’s a last element which is unacceptable for me.

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