Lede Landing: A one-page email capture landing page theme for Ghost

Hi all, hope you’re well!

I’ve just created a simple one-page theme for some specific use cases:

  • the pre-launch stage of a new publication, for getting email signups
  • an email-only Ghost-powered newsletter, where a web archive is not necessary
  • a landing page for a digital product

It’s called Lede Landing. Here’s the demo. It costs only $19.

It’s only one page but nicely customisable. The help docs explain how to:

  • add your own title and intro text
  • change fonts
  • upload a landing page image
  • change colours

(Of course you can change the whole theme if know HTML :smile:)

Dark mode is now a standard in all my themes. Subscribers have an account page powered by Ghost’s Portal feature, so they can edit their details and unsubscribe from emails.

I’d love to hear what you think! I haven’t seen something like this for Ghost before, so I hope it can help anyone wanting a simple landing page theme with email capture.