Template for professional workers

I’m looking for templates for professionals, doctors, lawyers and more.
Unfortunately among those available on the marketplace and other sites I have not found anything that can do for me.

I don’t know if I can put the direct link to a Wordpress template, but I’m looking for something like: “Fexa- Lawyer & Attorney WordPress Theme”.

Is there such a thing?
Thank you.

It seems like you could pretty easily recreate that with an existing Ghost theme and some modest customization, except you’d need a landing page. There are some landing pages here that might be worth checking out:

You could also buy a landing page layout for HTML and get it working in Ghost (along with an existing theme) fairly easily.

Thanks for the info, maybe I should just buy an html page and use it as Ghost landing page.
Do you have a tutorial on how to integrate it into Ghost?

Minimal case: rename the .html to .hbs.

Better case: replace existing menu with a {{navigation}} helper.

Best for editing: replace many content blocks with data from Ghost.

Editability increases with difficulty level, alas!

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