Newsliner - a Free, Open-source Ghost Theme centered around Email Sign ups

Hi everyone! I’m new here - just got into Ghost recently and started off by creating a new free and open-source theme to figure out my way around. I wanted to share it here to get some feedback and see what everyone thinks.

It’s called Newsliner and it is centered around the free newsletter signup part of Ghost’s membership features. I built it with local news sites in mind, (as I build other affordable software tools for them as well) but it could be relevant to anyone who wants a clean magazine layout yet focused on newsletter sign ups.

Live Demo | Download Page | Github

Would be great to hear your thoughts, especially since it is my first go at it! All feedback welcome - let me know what I can improve as I am thinking of doing a premium version with more features, better, documentation, support, etc.


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Nice theme!

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Good job!

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Thanks for the work. It’s a nice theme. I just replaced the original massively with your newsliner.

However, the theme doesn’t seem to do pagination. index.hbs only allows to display up to 4 posts on the landing page. Am I missing something here? Could you advise?

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Thanks for the kind words! I just pushed an updated version to Github and responded to your issue there.