Let's Encrypt Not Renewing

This is probably very amateur hour but none of the forums suggestions work for my out of date certificate.

:x: /etc/letsencrypt/acme.sh --home “/etc/letsencrypt” --renew -d YOUR_DOMAIN.COM → doesn’t work

:x: ghost setup ssl-renew → doesn’t work

:x: banging the keyboard randomly → doesn’t work

I’m running the latest v. of Ghost and node. Very headscratching. Is it just that Let’s Encrypt take time on their end to push a renewed certificate? Any solutions, including the very lateral, much appreciated.

— Geoff

I should add:

self-hosted and am on the latest Acme SSL client. Had to use sudo and --force with Acme to get Let’s Encrypt to run.


when I look at the certs in the command line, they appear to be renewed and go on till mid-October. It’s only in the browsers (multiple; rebooted) where they say the cert is expired.

— G.

Is there a way to manually delete all certs and then recert? I’m whatever the opposite of an expert is but it seems like my newer certs aren’t being read because an older expired cert must be coexisting in the directory (wherever that is).

I’ve also tried
/etc/letsencrypt/acme.sh --renew-all but to no avail.

Talking to myself somewhat but:

Surely there is a way to delete all certs and acme.sh, reinstall and have things run smoothly?