Liebling theme navigation font, hover and clicked

Hi everyone,

I am using Liebling for my site. I am wondering how to change the color of top navigation when hover, and when chosen? I looked at the CSS file but not sure where to find the main navigation. I have been searching around but unable to find the CSS code that works to add to Code injection.

Thank you in advance!

Hi @True_Chan, you can use the Browser Devtools, select the item you desire and edit the css for the given ClassName. For example the header class is

header {
  transition:transform .4s cubic-bezier(.165,.84,.44,1);
  padding:20px 0;

You can check all classes in the original repo, or in your ghost project folder

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Your answer lead me to discover the DevTools. I know how to figure out the elements now. Thank you very much for your help!

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I am glad it was of help @True_Chan

Good luck with your project :wave:t4: :blush: