Liebling theme not loading


So I tried using liebling theme on my local host install and when I go to upload the zip file it gives me an error message. I’ve tried a few times. The file size is about 2mb if that helps?


What is the error message?

Thanks - I’ve tried on my ghost pro account and it uploads fine - just not working in local host but I want to check how it looks before going live.

Not sure why this happens in localhost but you can:

  • Unzip the theme
  • Copy it to Ghost content > themes
  • Restart the server; and
  • activate the theme

Ok, I’ll try again

Is it your localhost? I got same issues on Liebling theme. I couldn’t find it was happening. I uploaded the theme file directly in the themes folder.

So did you just upload to the live site?

Yes, I uploaded it to live site after completion the work