Theme installation - Broken Site

Hi all,

I’m new to Ghost Platform.

I have successfully set up ghost on Digital Ocean.

Now I need to install “Liebling” theme.

I downloaded the zip file from Github and uploaded the zip file via Settings>>design>>Upload a theme.

Zip file uploaded and activated the theme. But the site is broke!

I searched online for tutorials. Everyone says that is the only step we need to do!

Did I miss something? How can I fix this?

Now the site is like this: Screenshot by Lightshot


My best guess is that you upgraded or have ghost v3.0 and used a 2.0 theme, which is likely not compatible anymore.

Does the standard Casper theme work?

Hey @Akhil

did you read the theme’s readme? It states that you need to download the theme from releases, not from source: GitHub - eddiesigner/liebling: Beautiful and clean Ghost theme that is easy and comfortable to use. To get the latest version please head over the releases page 👉🏼