Line breaks ignored in preview cards


Just installed ghost on a VPS. I want to post some poems. The preview card ignores the line breaks in the poems, making them look all wrong. If I click on the card to see the actual post, then all is well. It is only the preview. When creating a post, is there a way to enter the lines so that the breaks will always be respected, even in previews or whatever? Sorry if my terminology is wrong. You can go to the site or view the pictures to see what I mean.

I am using the casper theme. (2.7.0)

It is live right now. I am also adding screen caps.

  1. Open ghost\content\themes\casper\partials\post-card.hbs in your favourite text-editor.
  2. On line 16 replace
    <p>{{excerpt words="33"}}</p>
    <p>{{content words="33"}}</p>

If you want to display all words and not only 33 words, then remove words=“33”


Thank you! Worked after reboot. I tried restarting nginx but that didn’t change anything, so I just rebooted. Probably could have just restarted ghost.


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