Help with formatting

I would like to use a non-breaking space in a regular text card, not html. Sorry if that seems stupid, but I don’t know how to do. Could someone please help?
It’s for a punctuation mark that gets sent to the beginning of the next line, I want it to stay attached to the preceding word.
Equivalent to   in html, but I don’t need the whole card to be a html card, just for that.
Thank you so much !!

If you’re on macOS you can press option+space to insert non-breaking spaces. On Windows I’m not entirely sure what the keyboard command is, Googling suggests it might be ctrl+shift+space or some combination of holding alt whilst typing a number sequence.

Note that these are generic ways of typing non-breaking spaces and will work in any app, not just Ghost :slight_smile:

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Thanks! Actually, I’m on Ubuntu, which means I’m still looking for the answer… But you pointed me in the right direction! Thanks again.

If anyone needs the same, option is to be found in gnome-tweaks