Link existing Member to new Stripe Customer ID via API

Hey everyone!

I dropped a comment over on an open Github Issue about linking members to Stripe customer ID’s via the API (Bug in Admin API /members/add for members with "stripe_customer_id" field · Issue #12942 · TryGhost/Ghost · GitHub), but I wanted to check here to make sure there isn’t an easier/existing way to accomplish what I’m after.

The use-case that I have in mind looks like this:

  • User signs up for a free membership plan through Ghost
  • Sometime later, user buys a subscription via Stripe checkout, but NOT one of the plans created in Ghost. (I want to create additional custom Stripe checkouts to enable pricing tiers that are not yet available in Ghost)
  • I then want to be able to link the Stripe Customer ID that is created from this purchase back to the existing Ghost member

Currently, it looks like you can link a Ghost member to a Stripe Customer at the time a member is created in Ghost via the API, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to connect a Ghost member to Stripe after the fact.

Is that the case and a Github Issue is the best way to go or is there something I’m missing? I’m also open to other suggested approaches outside the API if it is something that would solve my use-case, although it looks like Zapier is also limited when it comes to updating members.


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Did you have any luck with this?

We just had someone sign up with a typo in their email for the Stripe data, and so it’s not linked in the backend of Ghost for this member.

We’ve now fixed the typo in Stripe, but it hasn’t connected it in the Ghost backend.