Using Zapier to Add New Members to Ghost

I’m using a Stripe checkout for some sales pages I’m building, which means I’ll need to manually add new subscribers to the ghost database when they sign up via Stripe.

My current plan is to use ZAPIER to detect a new subscription in Stripe and then Create a New Member in Ghost. That integration exists and seems like the obvious choice.

However, when I go to build that trigger, I don’t see a way to tell ghost what LEVEL/TIER of subscription the new member will have. All my content is precisely gated by level of membership. How can I add members from Zapier and make sure they are put on the correct tier?


This isn’t possible via our Zapier integration yet. It’s on our roadmap for the next version of the Zapier integration, but there’s no ETA at the moment.

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Thanks for the reply. Trying to get to 20 characters so I can post.

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