Linking titles to editor view

Up until the recent 5.17 update, each title listed in on the Posts view took me to the editor for that post, whether it was published or unpublished. Now, with the addition of analytics, the title takes me to the analytics page. So to edit a post, I first have to click the title of the post, then move my mouse and click the “Editor” button. This has caused a bit more friction for me, as editing posts post-publication is something I do very frequently.

Since the Posts view also has a button for analytics to the right side of every post title, it seem redundant to have both the title and that button take the user to the same place (analytics). I’d love to either see the interface revert back to how it was (click title → go to editor), or, if more people need to view analytics than edit after a post has been published, change the button on the right to be a link to the editor for that post.