Live reloading of theme changes not working

If I understood this correctly (from:
" Live reloading
All edits made to Ghost theme files will automatically reload. If you add any new files to your theme during development, you’ll need to restart Ghost to see the changes take effect."

I should see browser update my page after I’ve saved a change to a theme file?
If that’s correct, it’s not working for me. Let’s say I edit default.hbs on a theme, save it, check browser, and there’s no change. Then I hit reload on browser, and I see the change.

Are there known issues with the Live reloading not working? Here’s my setup info:

  • URL: http://localhost:2368

  • Ghost-CLI version: 1.9.9

  • Ghost version: 2.19.4

  • Node version: v10.15.3

  • Running with command: ghost start --development

  • Browsers tested: Chrome, Firefox, Safari

  • OS: macOS

  • Console shows no errors on startup, or while running ghost

  • Themes tried: casper, massively, starter, abc theme

  • Repro steps: Install Node.js, and then Ghost via npm.
    Next follow this guide:

I didn’t really find any recent issues on this problem when trying to Google, so maybe I’m missing some key concept, which is not mentioned on the local installation guide?

No, it’s not live reload in that sense, it’s talking about the changes to files being picked up internally by Ghost so that on the next render you can see them without having to restart Ghost and rebuild the internal template cache.

If you want livereload in the browser sense you would need to implement that at the theme level. If you look at Casper as an example you’ll get browser live reload when running it’s yarn dev command.

Alright, so it was my misunderstanding. Thank you Kevin for the quick reply :+1:

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