Casper Theme not live reloading

I’m using the newest version of ghost (just installed today) and I’ve got a dev server running ghost start --development I’m doing all my cli commands on windows in powershell in vscode in case that matters.

and I already yarn and yarn dev so that casper should be updating.

But the page doesn’t auto-refresh for me on updates (I’m not even sure this one is something it’s supposed to do.)

And more importantly when I refresh it myself, while the .hbs changes come through the .css ones do not.

I did find a semi-workaround here such that having the dev tools open with the cache disabled fixes the css on reload issue, but obviously that’s not completely ideal.

Thoughts on what I could be doing wrong?

AFAIK it’s not going to automatically reload the page.

Regarding the cache problem, correct me if I’m wrong but that’s more a “problem” on Chrome’s side for aggressively caching and reusing as much as possible rather then a problem of the tools themselves. For the reloading part, when I don’t have the inspector open (which doesn’t happen much during development) I just reload with CRTL/CMD+F5 to bypass the cache.