Local hosting "Import failed due to an unknown error."

Hey All

I have just installed Ghost locally to work on a new theme for one of my sites.

When I go to “Import content” I get the following error:

Import failed
Import failed due to an unknown error. Check the Web Inspector console and network tabs for errors.

When I check the console, I get this:

quotes-a-day-favicon.png:1 Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not 
vendor.min-887691bd59779cd57846dea68907c7e8.js:8680 Uncaught Error: Server was 
    at e.handleResponse (ghost.min-96c41a661b8de7ce6eca2988656c5c92.js:1553)
    at e.n [as handleResponse] (vendor.min-887691bd59779cd57846dea68907c7e8.js:2410)
    at Object.<anonymous> (vendor.min-887691bd59779cd57846dea68907c7e8.js:8705)
    at l (vendor.min-887691bd59779cd57846dea68907c7e8.js:587)
    at Object.fireWith [as rejectWith] (vendor.min-887691bd59779cd57846dea68907c7e8.js:588)
    at E (vendor.min-887691bd59779cd57846dea68907c7e8.js:869)
    at XMLHttpRequest.<anonymous> (vendor.min-887691bd59779cd57846dea68907c7e8.js:879)
t @ vendor.min-887691bd59779cd57846dea68907c7e8.js:8680
o @ ghost.min-96c41a661b8de7ce6eca2988656c5c92.js:1545
handleResponse @ ghost.min-96c41a661b8de7ce6eca2988656c5c92.js:1553
n @ vendor.min-887691bd59779cd57846dea68907c7e8.js:2410
(anonymous) @ vendor.min-887691bd59779cd57846dea68907c7e8.js:8705
l @ vendor.min-887691bd59779cd57846dea68907c7e8.js:587
fireWith @ vendor.min-887691bd59779cd57846dea68907c7e8.js:588
E @ vendor.min-887691bd59779cd57846dea68907c7e8.js:869
(anonymous) @ vendor.min-887691bd59779cd57846dea68907c7e8.js:879
:2368/ghost/api/v3/admin/db/:1 Failed to load resource: net::ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE

Any ideas why this is happening?

I wonder if you remove the favicon image from the site before you create an export and then try importing that? Make sure you backup the favicon so you can upload it manually :slight_smile: