Simply - Theme has a fresh design and is looking pretty elegant

Hello :smile:

I want to introduce you to Simply a beautiful theme for Ghost and it’s available on GitHub.

I started to create the Simply theme like playing, because I wanted to have a blog similar to Medium. I’m sure you’re wondering, why don’t I use Medium? Because Ghost is independent where I can control my content and above all is very powerful .

The casper theme for ghost version 3 has had a :roll_eyes: similarity to my Simply theme. That’s why I made a new update to be able to differentiate myself from them. Now Simply is a very Powerful and :cowboy_hat_face: elegant theme. I’ll mention some features.

  • Support for different languages (en - es - de - tr - fr-CA - ru)
  • Light Mode / Dark Mode
  • AMP Template
  • A very powerful search
  • Different templates for the Home Page
  • Different templates for publishing posts
  • Include Google Analytics Tracking use (Google Tag Manager)
  • Page for (Contact - Podcast - Tags - Authors - Newsletter)
  • Social Media
  • Instagram Feed
  • Page 404
  • Support Disqus comments
  • Buttons to share Post
  • Varied colors to change the look of the theme
  • Code syntax Prismjs Supported all syntax.

Here are some of the features of Simply

The theme is available on GitHub.

The demo you can see in my Blog.

You are free to use the Simply theme. If you have suggestions for improving the theme, just let me know.

Have a beautiful :sun_with_face: day or a beautiful :new_moon: night. Wherever you are.

:smile: Good luck.

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Hi, congratulations for the work done, nice theme with many features.
I like the search, did you use some css / js pre compiled? I like the ability to move around with the keyboard in the search.

A negative aspect that I noticed is that when I change from dark to light, every time I change page it remains for at least 1 second the dark and then changes to light.
I must say that it is quite annoying.

Overall great job and thanks for sharing

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Hello @giacomosilli Thank you

The problem of color change only happens on my page. but it’s already solved.

I use cloudflare and I forget to say that Rocket Loader ignore specific JavaScripts.

For the search I am using ghost-search

But I had to make some modifications to suit my theme.

All development code is available at github on the dev branch


Thanks for the wonderful contribution.

Any plans to integrate Ghost membership?

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Hello @georgeappiah

In the next update I plan to create a branch supporting membership :smile:

Hello @GodoFredoNinja

You have done an excellent job!!

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Hello :smile:

Thank you so much.

I will continue working and improving the theme Simply.

I have in mind to add more pages for example: About Us, Portfolio. Among others

Great theme. Thank you.
also interested in Membership support.