Logo size too small / Liebling Theme

Hi, I can’t seem to get my logo looking big enough in Liebling.

I’m trying to do this without messing with code if possible…

Any ideas?

You should be able to do it from code injection. These are the default values:

.m-logo { height: 25px; }
.m-logo img { max-width: 150px; }

You can increase the height and the max-width as needed.

Thanks, will test.

Hi @WildSmile,

were you able to fix this ?

I am having the same problem

HI @Baila_Kahn
Can you share your site URL? I can help you with styling the logo. You can DM me.

Hi @Baila_Kahn

I was having the same problem in both Wave and Casper themed Ghost. The text in the “Brand” settings next to the “publication logo” says: “The primary logo, should be transparent and at least 600x72px”.
I found that to be misleading. Because I had a hi-resolution pic (3000px width), however the logo was always made too small after upload. You could see that it could be bigger because there was space on all four sides of it in the backend.

I read (somewhere, I don’T remember where) that the logo should be EXACTLY 600px wide OR EXACTLY 60px high. After I resized my logo to a 600 px width it suddenly was the right size.

Maybe try that?