Magic link expiring immediately for some users

I’m using version 4.6.4 with sqlite3 (which I know is not ideal)

Some members are reporting that the magic link never works for them (link expired error message appearing even if they click within a minute)

When I create a link through the impersonation feature, I am able to reproduce the issue (and so it’s not a case of a link getting used in transmission over email (ie the Outlook issue that others have mentioned)).

This happens for both free members and paying…Can you think of anything I should investigate?


Total punt but I smell timezones.

Can you look up and share the default timezone configured in Ghost admin, and the timezone configured on your server?

My Ghost admin says EST, have asked for my host’s answer,…so far, he has said:

“I remember I changed the default timezone in the Ghost container. Now I need to understand to relation between the server itself.”

he’s in the same city in EST…still waiting for his final answer.

Hi, I can confirm that both the Docker container and the nodes in the cluster are using “America/New_York” timezone. EST in other words.