Mailgun Login to Login via google

The ghost being open source is a great thing but mailgun being unsupportive is ruining the ghost experience. Rather than using magic links isnt it better to let new members subscribe using google login or facebook logins? It will eliminate the use of mailgun atleast for adding members and letting users loging in the site.

Membership and Mailgun are not connected in the way you suggest. Mailgun handles email delivery (transactional and newsletters) whereas Ghost Memberships covers sites access, subscriptions, and newsletter design etc.

The site access is through mailgun only right by sending magic links

No, this is incorrect. These transactional emails are sent by either local SMTP or Mailgun.

How to setup local smtp

It’s the default when installing Ghost (your server will need an MTA.) Have you setup a site?

Yes I have a site, how to configure ghost to use smtp other than mailgun

Does this mean if I install postfix ghost will automatically use it to send login magic emails…?

Ghost will use Nodemailer if you have a working MTA with MX configured for the host.

where to find this config.production.json file in ghost installation…? sorry for being a beginner

i have installed postfix and configured it to work properly on ubuntu. tested sending mails with it. Edited config.production.json with all the required details. But still failing to send magic link. What am i missing

the log says Reason: Email has been temporarily rejected.",“time”:“2022-06-08T09:21:00.073Z”,“v”:0}

Please help otherwise i will have to quit ghost and all my hardwork will be wasted.

This isn’t a Ghost issue. You must have misconfigured something, but without knowing exactly what you have done it’s not possible to provide guidance. You need to understand why the mail was rejected.

Also, please note that I an a community member, and it’s your choice whether you use Ghost or not.