Maple - Modular Ghost Theme for Personal Blogs

Hey everyone👋

I’m excited to announce Maple, a brand-new Ghost theme we’ve created at Outline7.

It’s a modular theme created for personal blogs. It’s designed to give solo creators a unique and flexible way to show their content right on the home page.

The key feature is the home page hero, which allows you to display content and different pre-set widgets (see picture below).

Key features list:

  • Hero widgets
  • Crypto popup to receive donations
  • Device-native share menu
  • Customizable home page
  • Multiple blog layouts
  • Full membership support
  • And more!

:point_right: The first 10 people to use the code MAPLE23 at checkout will get a 20% discount.

More info and purchase ($63 with discount code): Maple - Outline7

Feel free to ask any questions here or in our support chat. Feedback is also welcome.:grin:

A few additional pictures:

And a short demo:



One of the most beautiful pesonal ghost theme at the moment.

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Thanks a lot @cuongtran :pray:

This is an AWESOME theme for content creators!!!


I recently updated Maple with some much-needed tweaks:

  • Images in posts automatically converted into slideshows
  • Improved crypto donations widget
  • Redesigned post cards with grid layout everywhere
  • Redesigned and fully functional signup form
  • New Twitter/X logo
  • Redesigned post template
  • Tags now support colours
  • Ghost landing page feature support
  • Translation-ready

Overall, I think these tweaks make the theme a lot better. I’m happy to answer any questions about it.

All the relevant links are above and the discount offer also still stands!

wow nice very smooth and responsive theme .

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Thank you @lizaliza!:pray:

How is the homepage customizable? I can’t see it from the demo. Thanks

Hello! First of all, I’m very sorry you’re receiving my answer after 1 month - I didn’t see the notification. However, I can still clarify this for you.

These are the 3 layouts of the homepage:



The most significant customization can be done with the “Bento” header. You can:

  • toggle the crypto donations
  • toggle the members widget
  • modify the social media icons shown
  • choose which post or page is exposed (apart from the latest post)

Then further down the homepage, you can choose whether to show the featured posts or not and if you want the signup form to be visible or not.

You can also customize the text with all available Ghost elements on all types of headers.

If you have any other questions, please ask!