Royce, subtle & minimal theme for Ghost

Royce Ghost theme preview

Hi everyone, this is our new theme release - Royce. It’s a single-author theme for blogging. Please check the demo and downloads links here.


This is really nice, @asta. I just took a look at your website and I really like Horace and Forma too.

Thank you, @DonaldH! I am happy to hear you like our themes. If you are interested, you can find more our themes on ThemeForest as well.

Oh, tempting. I’m using Horace at the moment but I really like this.

I like this thanks for sharing :smiley:

Thanks @asta, I just realised I am already using one of your themes (WildBird) which I love. It really stood out to me as the most unique and beautiful Ghost theme available. Do you currently have any others in the pipeline?

@Adders, glad to hear that. If you have any questions regarding Royce, please let me know.

@herbertvwright, thank you!

That’s great, @DonaldH. We will be releasing WildBird update soon to make it compatible with the latest Ghost version. As for the themes in the pipeline, we are planning to release a magazine theme for content heavy websites next and after that we are thinking about another single author blog theme.


Good job @Adders !

@asta I took the plunge. I had to do a minor edit on the theme to restrict the number of tags it displays, and switch to a more “blog style” blockquote. But otherwise, all good so far…

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