Mariadb/nginx failed to be detected

Bug / Issue documented and reported on ghost github, posting here for visibility as it seems multiple users with different configurations are having similar issues:

tl;dr: mariadb fails the mysql check, you can fix this by editing the doctor check script as noted in a comment on a related issue.

Setup goes thru until the nginx checks, those fail and setup skips nginx/ssl config

Retrying with: ghost setup nginx
…fails with the same result

No updates on my or related issues in weeks. Does anyone have any insight on a fix or potential workaround?

Hello Kris,
I have the same config Debian 11 and the same problem.
I’ve found a “workaround” to the problem by downgrading my ghost-cli to the 1.17.0 by doing a
npm i ghost-cli@1.17.0 -g

Skip the MySQL check. For Nginx install the basic one that comes with your package manager, then let it make the site config file, then update Nginx after. Best suggestion would be to ignore this and make your own Nginx config and use Certbot to get your certs.

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