Mariadb/nginx failed to be detected

Bug / Issue documented and reported on ghost github, posting here for visibility as it seems multiple users with different configurations are having similar issues:

tl;dr: mariadb fails the mysql check, you can fix this by editing the doctor check script as noted in a comment on a related issue.

Setup goes thru until the nginx checks, those fail and setup skips nginx/ssl config

Retrying with: ghost setup nginx
…fails with the same result

No updates on my or related issues in weeks. Does anyone have any insight on a fix or potential workaround?

Hello Kris,
I have the same config Debian 11 and the same problem.
I’ve found a “workaround” to the problem by downgrading my ghost-cli to the 1.17.0 by doing a
npm i ghost-cli@1.17.0 -g