Massively Table Alternate view Markdown

The regular table markdown works for the Default Table for Massively theme. Does anyone know the way to get the alternate view to work. Thank you for the help.

Syntax Description Test Text
Header Title Here’s this
Paragraph Text And more

Hi there! I checked out the HTML in the browser inspector and the <table> element has a class of alt. Adding that should give you the alternate table design :slightly_smiling_face:


<table class="alt">
    <!-- table structure... -->
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I have few table examples in my Markdown Style:


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@pascalandy You are an artist my friend thanks :slight_smile: I am not developer like you all smart people here. I’ll have to figure out if I should code inject or edit the theme or use one of the themes in stead.

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@DavidDarnes This completely makes sense and should work but with this class added, it still looks the same. :neutral_face:

Do you mind sharing the code that you’re using for it? Just the table itself :slightly_smiling_face:

<table class="alt">

|  Eye  | Sphere              |       Cylinder       |  Axis     |
| Right |Plus or minus number | Plus or minus number | 3 numbers |
| Left  |Plus or minus number | Plus or minus number | 3 numbers |

You’ll have to convert the markdown table to HTML and then add the alt class to the <table> element, rather than wrapping the table with another <table> element.

Are you wanting the option to switch between table designs or do you always want the alt version? If you always want the alt version you could modify your theme CSS so the alternate design is always applied?