Sort/Filter members by email criteria?

Is there a way to filter members by those who have marked emails from my platform as SPAM or emails that are bouncing back?

From within Ghost itself, I could only think of the “Less like this” filter, given that you’re using this:

If you’re using a self-hosted Ghost site, you should be able to filter bounces from the Mailgun account connected to Ghost.

Here’s a quote from the FAQ in the portal (visible to your users) that might also shed some light on how Ghost handles bounces:

If a newsletter is flagged as spam, emails are automatically disabled for that address to make sure you no longer receive any unwanted messages.

This is also best-practice and any email list manager would probably recommend doing the same.

both the filter “More Like This” and “Less Like This” return my entire member list (900).

The information exists and is stored internally on ghost. Making it a searchable criteria is a trivial task from a coding/development point of view. Has no one thought that it might be useful?

Just had a bit of a deeper look into this.

So yes, the data is present in Ghost. However, getting this into the members filter doesn’t seem to be trivial, unfortunately, given that the data is not present on the member, but as a separate entity.

But hey, let me work on this a little bit in my free time and I’ll submit a PR to the Ghost core team when I am ready, since this topic intrigues me as well :smiley:

Edit: Alright, sorry – after diving into this even deeper, I’ll gotta pass on this. Getting the data into the member table is beyond a simple PR and will involve quite a bit of data restructuring that I wouldn’t touch before seeing what Ghost 6 brings.

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Fair enough! I appreciate you looking at it and offering me insight. Thank you!