Filtering Bounced emails to remove them

I have been researching for days now! No result.

I imported emails from another platform to my custom-hosted Ghost. I sent a newsletter and I saw a bunch of “Bounced” emails messages. Since then I’ve been trying to find a filter to list only those emails, so I can remove them and clean up my list.

Any suggestions?

Thank you!!!

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did you find a solution to this?

As far as I know they recently updated this to take care of itself. Does it look like you have members who are bouncing every day and staying on your list? Thread below was updated in January this year.

checked with support. It’s not possible to filter out and there’s no automation done to reduce it.
You have to manually go one by one (which is insane…) and remove them


+1 for this - seems like another of those incredibly obvious and basic features for a membership platform. Why would the software NOT be setup to let you filter by undeliverable email addresses? It’s a membership platform, there’s pretty much nothing more important than knowing who is getting your emails.

Maybe to add here: the suppression would probably happen through Mailgun, the service actually sending the emails.

As far as I am aware, this should happen automatically, as with any good mail service provider:

Since they’ve been proven to encounter issues with receiving mail from your domain in a way you certainly don’t want repeated, we internally block sending to these addresses so they don’t harm your ability to keep sending.


Admittedly, this does not solve the issue of filtering bounced emails from within Ghost, but can give some peace of mind regarding spam.