Membership Management and Payment with Steady


I need help with the implementation of a different payment processing than with Stripe.
With Stripe I can easily create the tier and assign the respective member status and on this basis tax the traffic on my site (i.e. free or paid).

At the moment I use Wordpress and Steady plugins and the newsletter from Mailchimp. When a user makes a subscription, he is entered in a newsletter at Mailchimp ('automated with Zapier) and can log in on our site with the Steady login.
But that’s a lot of work, so I want to use Ghost’s uncomplicated solution. So newsletter management and subscriptions in one system.

I’m from Germany and use Steady. Transferring my users to Stripe is out of the question.

Hence my questions:

  • How can I change the member status with another payment provider (like Steady) in Ghost? I currently do it like this: Anyone who becomes a member receives a Complimentary Subscription and is therefore a paying member. This even works via Zapier.
  • If someone cancels their membership, I want them to be deactivated from the Ghost newsletter. This is not possible with Zapier.I have tried this with “update member”, but with this option I cannot remove the “Complimentary Subscription”. I have to do it manually.Is there an idea for this?
  • How can I change the member status of users when someone cancels their subscription?
  • Is it possible to distribute access rights based on the newsletters? That would be the simplest thing. Unfortunately this option is missing.

Sorry for so many questions, but I’m having difficulties implementing this.
It would be best to integrate Steady as a provider, just like Stripe :)

Thank you and best regards


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