Membership roles without using """""Stripe"""""

I’m never going to use Stripe. Can I change users membership status without having to use that unfortunate payment processor?

Without Stripe, you get the free membership level. You can additionally arm wrestle Ghost into creating one ‘paid tier’ (which is labeled automatically something like "created without Stripe) by playing some tricks with the API. Users can be given a complimentary subscription to this ‘paid’ tier.

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Usage Statistics and Market Share of Ghost, January 2024 they’re kind of arm wrestling themselves. Isn’t the entire point to claim market share? Not lose it because Ghost is so set in their ways?

Is that even with self hosted? Everything just relies on a payment processor that doesn’t support more than half the world? Without Stripe nothing works with Ghost?

Happily, Ghost is open source software. If you want a second payment processor, you can add one or hire someone to accomplish this for you.

I don’t work for Ghost, so you’ll have to ask the core team the strategy questions. I was just trying to help with the technical question.