Membership Tiers: beta feedback/issues

@jackdaniel - Thank you for flagging this. You’re correct that comps have been removed from the paid member count. This will now correspond with the MRR chart (e.g. actually paying members).

On the total member count, I’m having some trouble replicating this. Can you confirm whether or not your total member count on your dashboard matches the number listed in the left-hand sidebar next to members?



Hey @DavidDarnes - The easiest way to accomplish this during the beta is to turn them off in your Portal settings.

Pardon my whiskey-oriented test site :tumbler_glass: :slight_smile:


@prschulz Yes the total on the dashboard and the left side are the same i.e. 80
But actual number is not 80 it is 79 (even the page where we write the post and click on publish, there also the total is 79, and the export option where we can see all members in an excel file, there as well the total is 79).

I know that 79 is correct because I just now upgraded it, pre-upgrade it was 79 and the moment it was upgraded it became 80.

Amazing thank you! I also see that you can toggle monthly and yearly, also amazing.

Ps. cheers :tumbler_glass:

Thank you, @jackdaniel. We’ll investigate further.

Hi @fueko :wave: -

I’m glad you’re liking it so far. I’m a big fan of the Genki theme.

We do have plans to add that functionality. For now, we have most of it in place in a beta form with @product / @products fixed data variables. The only thing this won’t return of the things you mentioned is benefits, which is very much on our radar as we improve things.

I will caveat that this is not final and may change as we receive feedback. And please feel free to share your feedback as well once you use this!

Here is a basic example:

{{#if @product}}
    {{#if @product.monthly_price}}
        <a data-members-plan="{{}}">
            Sign up to {{}} for {{price @product.monthly_price}} a month

    {{#if @product.yearly_price}}
        <a data-members-plan="{{}}">
            Sign up to {{}} for {{price @product.yearly_price}} annually
    {{#foreach @products as |product|}}
        {{#if product.monthly_price}}
            <a data-members-plan="{{}}">
                Sign up to {{}} for {{price product.monthly_price}} a month

        {{#if product.yearly_price}}
            <a data-members-plan="{{}}">
                Sign up to {{}} for {{price product.yearly_price}} annually

This is absolutely fantastic! Thank you @prschulz :slight_smile:

PS. There is also {{product.description}} which also works in the above context.


I have also run afoul of this issue with “Complimentary” plan users being unable to upgrade themselves. In prepping for a migration from Patreon (now, finally, truly possible!) I gave all my existing Patrons complimentary memberships and had to do lots of messaging about the manual workarounds needed for them to fully setup/migrate their membership.

Seconding #5 here. I want users to be able to view my custom membership page so they can still see what plans are available and the benefits, and so they can potentially upgrade themselves. I also want to dynamically update the page (hide/show buttons/messaging) according to their current plan/tier. I was able to do this via some jiggery-pokery with javascript and the @member.subscriptions stuff, and I’d love to see how this will work with the new Tiers beta. (This, specifically, is what brought me to the forum tonight.)

@prschulz This @product stuff is great. I’m going to have lots to play with tomorrow as I get my custom membership page up-to-speed with all this awesome new stuff!

Looking through all the previous posts, there’s one thing I’ve not seen mentioned yet, which is that we don’t currently seem to be able to customize the Free tier name or messaging in Portal. It seems to be hard-coded to be named “Free” with a description of "Free preview of "

It’s possible I’ve missed or forgotten something from the initial site setup, but I poked around a bit and didn’t find anywhere to edit this.


Been experimenting with tiers and I’m enjoying the setup so far!

I’ve also been trying out what’s possible with additional configuration in Stripe. Would I be right in thinking that if I add a price to a product linked to Ghost memberships then I can effectively create additional pricing frequencies?

There’s an option in Stripe to create a “one time” price to products, which I guess means you could effectively create a “lifetime subscription price”.

Stripe even provides a direct payment link which you could add to your Ghost site. If someone was to buy this using their Ghost membership email would it reflect in Ghost Members itself? I don’t expect these controls to appear in Ghost, I just like the idea of the option to go more fine grain in control.


@coffeemonk - I’m glad you’re liking it!

You’re correct that the free tier is hardcoded at the moment in Portal for the beta version. This is on our radar and your feedback is another tick in the priority column. Thank you for sharing.

  1. I absolutely would like to customize the text on the free tier, like I can on the other ones (including bullet list of benefits, etc. For me, it’s not a “preview”, so I don’t want to confuse people.

  2. In the wider list of tiers, it no longer lists the % off for paying for a year vs monthly (like it used to when there was only free/paid tiers). It’d be very nice if that could be added again.


@gibbsdesign - Thank you for the great feedback. I’m glad tiers is working for you! This example is music to our ears (eyes? since we’re reading?).

^ Thank you for calling this out. We agree and will be addressing this in the future.


I encountered this same issue today while trying to limit a post to 3 or more tiers. At first, I thought it was the length of my tier names, but I shortened them all to two letters each and am receiving the same error.

This is exactly the feature I need, tbh.

I solved this by buying a custom theme that shows the free tier on the pricing page, but it was pretty frustrating to have to do that and not all of them do :frowning:

Thanks @prschulz and the rest of the Ghost team. I’ve just started playing around with tiers for the first time and it’s extremely well designed all around. Cheers!

At one point during my tests I added in a fourth tier, but when I went to hit the “Save” button it wouldn’t go through, the “Save” button having then changed to a red “Retry” button. I narrowed down the problem to one of the benefits being rather long, and figured out that a benefit can’t have more than 191 characters. Is this by design? And if so, might there be some kind of indicator in the future notifying the user of the amount of available characters left?

Thanks again for the awesome work!

Piggybacking on the comment about the hardcoded free tier data, it would be nice if we could somehow add in a way to distinguish a “negative benefit”, be it for the free tier or any other. For example, on a custom theme I’ve been working on I’ve hardcoded into the free tier a “benefit” that says “Access to members-only posts”, but which has a red ✗ to the left of the “benefit” (as opposed to a green ✓). I figure this could be useful as it would be an added way to drive home the point via specific mention of what you’re not getting. Like such:


First of all, thanks a ton for this. This solved a huge feature issue for us.

Right now we’re getting a validation error when we attempt to create plans for zero/zero. One of the things we’d like to use this for on our site is segment mailed content, not necessarily charge for it. Are there any plans to create multiple free tiers, or alternately allow zero-cost product tiers?