Switch complimentary membership tier

Really impressed with how fully featured tiers is already, and only in beta! Thanks for what you do.

I’m sure this is on your radar, but in case it was overlooked: there doesn’t seem to be a way to switch an existing complimentary membership from one tier to another, even after canceling the current membership.

This means my own account’s original complimentary membership, which defaulted to the $1 tier, can’t access my higher tiered content. (Might also be a good case for admin accounts to have full membership access by default, though I know those are treated separately at the moment.)

Following up after finding a workaround:

It looks like this is happening because “removing” a subscription in Ghost doesn’t cancel it immediately but at the end of the renewal period—which does makes sense, but maybe less so for a complimentary subscription.

I was able to get around this by using Stripe to cancel my complimentary subscription immediately, which then removed it from Ghost and allowed me to add a new one.

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