Membership Tiers Ideas

I have been trialling using Ghost to offer courses and have loved the results I’ve been having. Being able to offer access to a range of courses for a monthly/annual sub is fantastic.

Something that could be great for this use case however would be the option to offer lifetime access to a specific tag for a one-off payment. You could have a tag per course, then users could either buy access to the course (tag), or subscribe and access them all.

I’m sure smarter people than me could come up with other use cases as well.

Something like this could be great for providing options to members.

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Congrats on the successful tests. I’d be interested to see your site if you want to share a link?

I guess lifetime access is the same as allowing users to buy individual courses. It’s a better way to look at it I think, I’d like to know if anyone implements this or this feature becomes available.