Meta page titles aren't rendering


Pages on my site are not rendering with the correct meta-titles.

For example, this page shows “Fee only fiduciary certified financial planner in Frisco Texas” even though I’ve change the meta title to “D Magazine Best Financial Planner, John Gay CFP®, Frisco, Texas.” I can’t remember, but I think the titles used to render correctly but then started malfunctioning after a release update. I’m a newbie so if my terminology is not correct, forgive me. When I say “rendered title” I mean what the tab says when you go to a page (and presumably what search engines index).

I’m using Chrome browser and Chrome OS.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @gurnblantzten! It’s very likely you are experiencing the bug reported earlier this week:

It has been fixed, and will be available with next Ghost release :wink:

Hey thanks, that’s helpful. Is there a planned date for the next release?

There is definitely one going out this week :slight_smile: In case it’s urgent, you can fetch master and run the migrations