Mexican Standoff

TrueCharts, the maintainers of the Ghost deployment for TrueNAS Scale are not going to support your decision to exclusively use MySQL 8+ and stubbornly refuse to reconfigure the container to run anything related to Oracle. Thus their Ghost deployment is broken and will stay broken until someone recants their decision. Meanwhile, a Ghost 4.x site I was running is now dead and I have no means to extract the content (over 15 years of posts that I imported from a WP site) because the new version of TrueNAS Scale doesn’t run that old container and my content is trapped in there. I also have a Ghost 5 site that is stuck on 5.20 and cannot update because any version beyond that doesn’t work with MariaDB.

I can bypass their app store and probably use a docker-compose script to deploy Ghost, but then I don’t have an easy method to connect to my traefik container.

Also, is there any documentation/tutorial on salvaging data from a dead Ghost site?