Migrate from casper-theme to a new theme with categories

I run a self hosted ghost blog with the casper(default) theme. However content could(and should) be categorized in say three categories in future. AFAIK casper has not this ability. So currently nature-blog-articles are close to cooking-blog-articles. As said, I would like to have a landing page where I see only the top blog entries for the categories.(Currently it is all mixed[standard behavior of casper].)
So two questions:

  1. Is there a theme that offers such categorization?
  2. how to migrate all the casper-blog-articles to this new theme?

Bets regards

Switching themes is as easy as activating a new one. You do that by going to your admin page (/ghost), then clicking the gear (lower left), then Design, then the ‘change theme’ (lower left).

You’ll want to tag your posts (tags are your categories).

Any theme can be used with categories (you can always include a navigation link to /tag/mycategory), but whether a theme shows or sorts by category on the front page depends on the theme.

I think Headline is probably closest to what you’re describing.

If tags are categories, why are they called tags in the Ghost admin panel? This is one of the things I’ve never understood. In wordpress there are both categories and tags, and are actually used for different things.

Beats me. I’m not the Ghost dev team. I find most of my clients understand and use the Ghost tags mostly as categories. But in any case, there’s one thing, and they’re officially called tags. Sorry if I confused you! :)

In WP there are, as you said, categories and tags. In Ghost there are only tags.

They are not hierarchical, like categories can be in WP. Tags in Ghost are all in one collection, and unless you customize your theme, if you do a Tags page you will get all of them.

It’s an intentional design decision by the Ghost team, in order to keep things simple.