Migrate images to S3

I already have images on my disk and I don’t want to exhaust the network bandwidth of the cloud service (its getting too costly now)

How can I migrate to S3 (digital ocean S3 spaces) upload existing images and also use the image source as s3 link? I can make images public.

There are two parts to what you are trying to do.

Migrating Existing Images

Follow any tutorial out there for how to upload a folder full of images to S3 and host them as a public website.

The base URL of the images is expected to change. So use a tool like gctools find-replace to find and replace all mentions of the old base URL with the new base URL.

Storing newly uploaded images directly in S3.

For that, use the Ghost S3 Storage adapter. Docs are here: Official Ghost + Amazon S3 Integration

You’ll also find there some examples of how to migrate photos to S3 if they are stored on Google Drive or Dropbox.