Store images on S3

I found two plugins to store images on S3, but one of them seems to be very outdated and the second one looks a little bit better, but it stands on GitHub that it supports v1, which is also quite old. So, is there real possibility to store images on S3? Thank you.

thy this, is my code.
glad you to feedback after.

Perfect, I will try it and get back to you :blush:

One more thing, it would be nice to provide Docker image for this (to checkout the newest stable Ghost and apply your changes or start from official Ghost image and apply your changes). Can you do it? If you need help, I can contribute to your project, just let me know.

I cant
But is only copy to directory how described with wget or similar, and run ghost…

You can do this with a volume.

No need run yarn install etc, already package with all dependencies in a bundle, different from other installs.