Missing documentation on webhook firing

I wish Ghost would make clearer what causes its various Member webhooks to fire. I see people trying to figure it out on their own, but that really should be in the documentation, which, for webhooks, is worse than scant.

List all the conditions that cause member,added, member.edited, and member.deleted to fire. And why, while I’m at it, is there no explicit trigger to subscription detail changes via API?

Maybe this helps? It’s a couple months old, but should be mostly right.

If you want to know about subscription changes, catch a STRIPE webhook instead.

Cathy (who just built a mailchimp-ghost-stripe thing this weekend)

Thanks Cathy. I saw your previous post on this, which is helpful. I stand by my original post that Ghost’s webhook documentation is beyond sketchy, which is frustrating, but your additions are helpful.

Wrt catching Stripe webhooks, that is something I’ve begun doing, but Ghost is clearly aware of Stripe status, so that I can’t straightforwardly catch that without also using Stripe webhooks is a bit frustrating.

Oh, I agree! :slight_smile: