What triggers the member updated webhook?

Latest version, hosting on Ghost pro. I couldn’t find this documented, so I’ll drop it here as I’m trying to debug a client’s webhook behavior.

Here’s when the member updated webhook fires in my testing

Actions that produce a fire on this webhook

  • Creating a new paying user (three fires, actually)
  • Unsubscribing or subscribing to a newsletter
  • Moving between tiers
  • Comping a member to a paid tier/removing the comp subscription
  • adding/removing a newsletter subscription in the admin panel

Actions that do not trigger the webhook:

  • cancelling a paying subscription (at least, not immediately - maybe it fires when the subscription expires?)
  • changing between yearly/monthly on the same tier
  • switching from pending cancellation to will renew.
  • adding a new member manually in the admin panel (even though they’re getting a newsletter subscription) **
  • importing a member via csv (even if adding subscriptions) **

** these are probably covered by the member created webhook?

Update: Importing a CSV file does not seem to trigger the member created webhook.

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Months later, but this makes it hard to detect memberships ending or changing, without doing it via Stripe. How do people detect those events and trigger webhooks?