Member Update Trigger in Zapier & Subscription status

Hey everyone. I was looking to integrate some triggers through Zapier around Members subscribing/unsubscribing to email updates. Namely, I wanted to trigger off of a member doing the following things…

1 - Confirming their subscription
2 - Unsubscribing to email updates

Since clicking the unsubscribe link doesn’t delete the member in Ghost - I couldn’t use the Member Deletion trigger. The Member Update trigger in Zapier though doesn’t seem to allow access to the current.subscribed flag in the Zapier editor.

I can see the data in the Zapier Task History - but can’t access it in the editor to trigger off of. Not sure if this is a Zapier thing or a Ghost setup thing. Any ideas?

Quick update on this after some additional testing - being able to confirm their subscription (item #1) is possible with the Member Creation trigger in Zapier - it only executes once the person confirms the subscription link - so that’s great.

Still trying to figure out if there’s a way to trigger off and know when a member unsubscribes from email updates.