Missing Footer Links in new Dawn Theme

i am trying to use the dawn theme which i installed from the ghost dashboard → Settings → Design → Change Theme. At present, the latest dawn theme doesnt seem to be including any interactive links in the footer and I just see a copyright Blog Name text and Published by Ghost text. I am trying to add the following items to a customized footer.
1.) Github and Linkedin Icons pointing to my respective git and Linkedin profiles
2.) A copyright text
3.) Dark/Light Toggle button

For reference, please see the footer on the following two websites:
1.) 13 Ways to create Table of contents(TOC) in Ghost blog?[2021] (dark / light theme)
2.) Hello, World! (Git and Linkedin buttons)

Could someone kindly guide me where in the dawn theme code base I should be adding these custom icons and social media URLs and dark/light mode settings?

Best Regards,

I am also searching for info on how to add social media icons at the footer of the page. Can’t find any guides regarding that.