Missing header content from twitter quote

new to Ghost, I created my site at https://fuzzygel-blog.ghost.io/

I am using latest Ghost version (4.4) and on Starter pro plan. I am using standard Casper theme for my blog

When I quote my blog on twitter (from Chrome browser on Mac), it is showing a blank header banner

Screen Shot 2022-04-27 at 9.53.23 am

the logo and blog description from ghost site are not showing

Screen Shot 2022-04-27 at 9.54.11 am

I checked the iPhone twitter app , also missing the same

Is there any suggestion how to fix this ?

The image that shows is determined by your site cover photo, which also happens to be the background of the Casper theme. You can change the cover photo as part of you blog settings - Updating the design settings

thanks, I tweak the design settings. I cannot get it to work nicely with my current cover photo. Will need to change my cover photo design.

Just wondering is there a way to stop my blog title appearing at all as my site cover has that already as an image

You can use some code injection like

.site-title {
  display: none;

thanks again @vikaspotluri123 , you are very helpful indeed. I used the script and it looks great on the blog via browser

but the twitter post still not showing the site photo

Sometimes Twitter will cache (use a snapshot) URLs so it’s not bombarding your site with requests. Can you try now, as it doesn’t show anything for me?

I found the issue now. After I added a feature photo to the article, the twitter post works really work.

Thanks for helping me to fix this