Mobiledoc on the latest version of Ghost

Hello everyone,

To put it briefly, I’m encountering an issue with the latest version of the Ghost editor, which, I believe, no longer supports Mobiledoc. Is there any way to maintain Mobiledoc support?

This morning, I updated my system with the latest official Ghost Docker image, available here. Since the posts table no longer includes Mobiledoc, it has disrupted the entire pipeline of my service. I use Mobiledoc to render posts for my mobile application (both Android and iOS).

I’ve implemented a library specifically for rendering Mobiledoc on mobile devices for quite some time. However, now I can’t use the latest Ghost features due to this Mobiledoc issue.

Any advice would be appreciated, thanks!

App: iOS or Android

Mobiledoc in the Ghost editor is deprecated and will be completely removed as far as I’m aware. As such, you’ll want to migrate to Lexical. If you need to convert between the formats, there’s a @tryghost/kg-converters package, but I have a feeling it won’t be updated to support new features as they get added.

Vikas, it’s sad to hear it won’t be supported.
But, thanks for pointing me to the converters package.

Fair point, but one thing to note is (again, from my understanding) that supporting mobiledoc is also a moving target, since Ghost can add new cards or change card behavior that requires any renderer to be updated.

Thanks, cards should be validated before rendering into views.
Btw, 99% of the most often used cards are pretty basic, I think it will be okay as long as we can keep track of the Mobiledoc version used by Ghost and the Ghost version itself.