Month in review - what I worked on

My mulit-client Tripoli customization binge came to an end this week. (But don’t get my wrong, I love Tripoli, and just look at the results! has videos playing on the front page and custom search with Algolia, needed ad slots for Google Ad Manager. got homegrown ads and some rearrangement to the layout, which we then deployed over to, too. Oh, and and maybe a few more I’ve forgotten!)

Then it was on to tweaking layout and styling for Headline, for, another local news site on Ghost!

I also built a couple Ghost-editable user pages over at, running a modified Liebling.

Currently, I’m wrapping up a podcast-enabling of the theme at (based on ubud), including generating all the enclosure strings automagically for mp3 files hosted on the Ghost site. Oh, and typography. Always typography. :slight_smile:

Oh, and I submitted a couple pull requests!


You’ve been keeping busy. Awesome work! :muscle:

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Thanks for sharing. Love your work!

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Brilliant stuff.

And I love the wizard himself.

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Hey Cathy,
First time running into you here (new to the forums)
Fun to see what you have been working on, looks good!

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